Inspiration from nature

Dutch artist Irene van Vliet paints with yarns. She is a poetic teller of stories and her textile techniques work like magic. Her imaginative jacquard woven textile designs and surrealist prints decorate interiors worldwide. With her designs Irene creates a decorative magic world. This atmosphere arises from natural imagery, mainly from dreamlike landscapes and beautifully shaped, colourful flora and fauna. Nature photography forms the basis of her lively decorations.


The Woven Wonders collection can be delivered both as limited editions, or as custom made objects. According to your personal preferences, the designs can be made in different colour combinations, sizes, materials, finishings and hanging systems. 
In cooperation with our clients, we develop unique pieces of 'home couture' that decorate and enrich your personal living space.


Woven Wonders are woven with a jacquard technique, using a single yarn (uni cloth) or multiple yarns in a double cloth. The materials from which can be chosen are silk, lurex, cotton, polyester, viscose or mohair yarns. Sizes are variable, taking a maximum width of weaving of 165 cm into account. 

Finishings and hanging systems 
The wovens are standardly locked. Depending on their use you can choose to have a border added - either woven or sown. As a wall tapestry or a panel, the wovens can be stretched onto a wooden frame or finished with a wooden show frame in different types of wood and treatments. There are several  possibilities for a hanging system, such as aluminium tubes put through tunnels. 


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