'Every image has its inspiration of nature and the transitions of each moment'

Irene van Vliet is an artist, a textile designer, concept developer and visual trend analyst.

In 2011 Van Vliet founded home couture label Woven Wonders in Amsterdam.  Woven Wonders specialises in beautifully designed and crafted tapestries and fabric panels, room dividers, plaids, silk scarves and kimonos. They are inspired by the poetry of the natural world, its stunning colour combinations and its very transience.


Dutch artist Irene van Vliet paints with yarns.

She is a poetic teller of stories and her textile techniques work like magic. Her imaginative jacquard woven tapestries and surrealist prints decorate interiors worldwide.

This atmosphere arises from natural imagery, mainly from dreamlike landscapes and the beautiful shapes and colours of flora and fauna.


Nature photography forms the basis of her lively decorations.

“For me the beauty of nature is a continuous movement of light, colour and form; in my work I try to freeze these moments by taking pictures and making paintings.

After that I continue this process by digitally designing a new image which finally results in a work of art made of textile." The Woven Wonders line is distinguished by unique image processing techniques. These ’Woven Wonders’ are  made using a jacquard technique.

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