Irene van Vliet (17-11-1965, Winterswijk) Dutch, works and lives in Amsterdam


Irene van Vliet is a textile designer, concept developer and visual trend analyst. Clients include international fashion, interior and industrial design firms. After finishing her Bachelor's degree at the Design Academy of Eindhoven and a Master's at ANAT Paris, she started her own design studio, Colourstudio CIT, in 1993.

In 2010 Van Vliet founded home couture label Woven Wonders in Amsterdam.  Woven Wonders specialises in beautifully designed and crafted tapestries and fabric panels, room dividers, throws , cushions, silk scarves and kimonosThey are inspired by the poetry of the natural world, its stunning  colour  combinations and its very transience.

The Woven Wonders line is distinguished by unique image processing techniques. The finished result appeals to our sense of touch almost as much as it does to the eye.  The tapestries are like paintings in yarn and have the added value of improving the acoustics of the spaces they adorn. These ’Woven Wonders’ are  made using a jacquard technique, with a single yarn for adamask cloth or multiple yarns for a fully reversible double cloth. 


Every image has its inspiration of nature and the transitions of each moment. I love the versatile decorative elements and beautiful colour combinations that occur in trees and flowers. The Woven Wonders line is distinguished by unique image processing in textiles she applies to wall hangings, room dividers, fabric panels and scarves. Design and tactility come together in a unique shape. Tapestries are like paintings of yarns and have the added value of the acoustic improvement in interiors. The ’Woven Wonders’ are woven with a jacquard technique, using a single yarn (damask cloth) or multiple yarns in a double cloth.